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Torrington CT Dentist Dr. Munroe General, Cosmetic & Sedation dentistry 860-482-4041 - Dr. Munroe has extensive training in dental procedures such as dental veneers, implants, bonding, cosmetic fillings, crowns and bridges, dentures, gum recontouring, braces, root canals, emergency care, pediatric, children dental care, and tmj.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Torrington Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Everyone wants a beautiful smile. Today’s dentistry lets us have the smile we choose, not just the smile we were born with. Cosmetic dentistry is all about getting the smile that you want. It goes beyond the procedures that a person needs for a healthy mouth, and provides choices for all of us to improve the appearance of our smiles. We provide services like dental bonding, crowns, bridges, specialty dentures, fillings, implants, mini-implants, veneers, and teeth whitening.
Torrington CT Bonding Dentist Dr. Munroe Cosmetic Dentistry 860-482-4041 - Dental bonding is a wonderful and safe technique for fixing cosmetic flaws in teeth and even replacing damaged tooth structure.
Cosmetic Fillings
Torrington Cosmetic Fillings Dentist Dr. Munroe Cosmetic Dentistry 860-482-4041 - Cosmetic fillings are a tooth colored alternative to traditional amalgam fillings, and are used to replace areas of decay in a tooth. Cosmetic fillings, also known as composite fillings or tooth-colored fillings are less noticeable and improve the appearance of your smile.
Crowns and Bridges
Torrington Crowns Bridges Dentist Dr. Munroe Cosmetic Dentistry 860-482-4041 - Crowns are restorations that replace the entire visible structure of a severely damaged tooth. A bridge is a replacement tooth anchored by crowns or existing teeth on either side.
Specialty Dentures
Torrington Dentures Dentist Dr. Munroe Cosmetic Dentistry 860-482-4041 - Dentures are removable replacement teeth.
Gum Recontouring
Torrington Gum Recontouring Dentist Dr. Munroe Cosmetic Dentistry 860-482-4041 - Gum recontouring procedures change the shape and appearance of gums to improve the overall look of a smile.
Dental Implants
Torrington Implants Dentist Dr. Munroe Cosmetic Dentistry 860-482-4041 - Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth which look, feel, and function like natural teeth.
Dental Veneers
Torrington Veneers Dentist Dr. Munroe Cosmetic Dentistry 860-482-4041 - Veneers are thin shells of plastic or porcelain that cover just the visible portion of your teeth. They can fix most cosmetic problems and totally transform a smile in just two appointments.
Sedation Dentistry
Torrington Sedation Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Sedation dentistry uses medications to relax patients and the make the dental experience totally comfortable.
Teeth Whitening
Torrington Teeth Whitening Dentist Dr. Munroe Cosmetic Dentistry 860-482-4041 - Teeth whitening is extremely popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that delivers beautiful results quickly and easily. With the latest advanced whitening techniques, Dr. Munroe can give you a dazzling, long-lasting white smile in almost no time.
Nitrous Oxide
Torrington Sedation Dentist Dr. Munroe 860- 482-4041 - Nitrous Oxide Sedation is a very effective way for Dr. Munroe to help you stay relaxed and comfortable during a dental procedure. It is a very light form of sedation, which works fast and wears off quickly.
Preventative Dentistry
Torrington Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Dr. Munroe recommends that certain procedures be performed at regular dental visits as part of your proper dental hygiene. This preventative dentistry prevents problems before they start, corrects routine problems before they worsen, and identifies serious issues.
Torrington Dental Cleaning Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Regular dental cleanings by your dentist or dental hygienist are part of a proper oral hygiene program. Cleanings help fight plaque, the major cause of tooth decay, gingivitis and serious gum disease.
Oral Sedation
Torrington Sedation Dentist Dr. Munroe 860- 482-4041 - Oral sedation is a wonderful option for patients who need more than just nitrous oxide, but don’t need or want IV Sedation or general anesthesia. It allows many people to be comfortably sedated through an entire dental visit using just a small pill.
Dental Exams
Regular dental exams are a crucial part of preventative dentistry because they allow your dentist to address dental problems in their early stages, and to identify serious problems. Most people need an exam every six months, but your dentist may recommen
Torrington Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Polishing is often the last step of a dental cleaning, a prophylaxis (deep-cleaning), and some restorative procedures. It smooths and polishes the tooth or restoration surface and removes some stains.
Torrington Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Plaque that remains on teeth eventually hardens into tartar, which is virtually impossible to remove with brushing and flossing alone. Scaling is the deep-cleaning procedure Dr. Munroe or hygienist uses to scrape the tartar off your teeth at and below the gumline.
Torrington Dental X-rays Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - X-rays take pictures called radiographs that show Dr. Munroe the interior of dental structures and tissues. These allow Dr. Munroe to make a more thorough examination than is possible with the naked eye and can help spot problems that would otherwise undetected.
Dental Problems
Torrington Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Dr. Munroe can help you with your dental problems with a gentle dental care.
Abscessed Tooth
Torrington Abscessed Tooth Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - An abscessed tooth, or periapical abscess, is a painful condition caused by infection in a badly damaged or decayed tooth.
Bad Breath
Torrington Dentist helps Bad Breath Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Halitosis, or “bad breath” is a common, but embarrassing condition that often has a dental cause.
Cavities and Tooth Decay
Torrington Cavity Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Tooth decay is the process of a tooth’s mineral content being dissolved. A cavity, or caries, is a hole in a tooth that is caused by tooth decay.
Dry Mouth
Torrington Dentist help Dry Mouth Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is caused by an inadequate supply of saliva. Very common in older adults, dry mouth is usually due to medication side effects, but may have other causes.
Torrington Fluorosis Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Fluorosis is a defect in tooth enamel caused by excessive fluoride in young children. It typically looks like white streaks or spots in teeth.
Gum Disease
Torrington Gum Disease Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that is usually caused by plaque. It is the earliest and most easily treated form of gum disease, as it only affects the gums, but it must be treated to avoid more serious gum disease.
Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Torrington Wisdom Teeth Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - An impacted tooth is one that fails to properly emerge through the gums. Dr. Munroe will recommend extraction of impacted wisdom teeth if they pose a problem for your mouth and other teeth.
Jaw Disorders
Torrington Jaw TMJ Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Most problems with the jaw come from the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the muscles that help you chew. Dr. Munroe has treatments that can ease this pain and discomfort.
Oral Cancer
Torrington Oral Cancer Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Early detection is the key to successful treatment of oral cancers, so Dr. Munroe is the first line of defense. Ask Dr. Munroe about oral cancer screening at your next regular visit.
Periodontal Disease
Torrington Periodontist Gums Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Periodontitis is advanced gum disease. While gingivitis, the earlier stage, affects only the gums, periodontitis is inflammation and infection that has spread to surrounding tissue, including tooth and bone.
Torrington Plaque Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that coats teeth. When we eat, plaque reacts with the food in our mouth and releases acids that eat away at teeth enamel, causing tooth decay.
Sensitive Teeth
Torrington Sensitive Teeth Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Tooth Sensitivity is a very common problem that can be treated effectively by Dr. Munroe with different products and techniques. It occurs when gums have receded or tooth enamel is worn down to reveal the sensitive parts of the tooth.
Teeth Grinding
Torrington Teeth Grinding Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Bruxism is either the clenching or grinding of teeth, or both of them together. Dr. Munroe will often recommend a mouth appliance to prevent damage to your teeth, and stress reduction to change the behavior.
Torrington Toothaches Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - There are many possible causes for a toothache. Two of the most common dental causes are the presence of a cavity or an abscess. Some of the other causes of toothache are quite serious, so you should certainly consult Dr. Munroe for a proper diagnosis.
General Dentistry
Torrington General Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Dr. Munroe has designed his practice for people like you, so that you and your family can get state of the art care, from an office that cares. We always welcome new patients, so feel free to call our office to make an appointment or just to introduce yourself.
Adult Care and Prevention
Torrington Adult Dental Care Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Proper oral hygiene and regular visits to Dr. Munroe are the two best defenses against plaque, the root of most dental problems. Dr. Munroe encourages adult care and prevention that is focused on fight against plaque, the preservation of natural tooth.
Advanced Dental Technology
Torrington Dental Technology Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Dr. Munroe uses the most advanced dental technology and state-of-the-art equipment to serve you and your family. Every year, Dr. Munroe continues his education with additional training on the latest in dentistry to better serve our community.
Children Care and Prevention
Torrington Pediatric Childrens Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - In addition to the primary goals of preventing tooth decay and gum disease, children have special needs for their developing teeth. Dr. Munroe will discuss a care and prevention plan that addresses these special needs and promotes good dental hygiene for the whole family.
Laser Dentistry
Torrington Laser Dentistry Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Dr. Munroe is always looking for ways to make your experience more comfortable and more convenient. Laser dentistry can do both of these, making it one of the most exciting new advances in dentistry. Ask your Dr. Munroe how lasers can help you get a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.
Same Day Care
Torrington Emergency Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Dr. Munroe understands that emergencies don’t always wait for appointments. That’s why Dr. Munroe offers same day emergency dental care. Just call the office number and make sure we understand that you case is an emergency. We will do our best to make an appointment for you that day.
Torrington Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - A dentist, when you really think about it, is a doctor of the mouth. When most people think of dentistry, they think of the most common procedures that are most familiar, like exams, filling cavities, or even cosmetic procedures like whitening.
Braces and Invisalign
Torrington Orthodontist Braces Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Orthodontic treatment corrects a “bad bite” by exerting a gentle pressure over time to straighten teeth. Modern braces are much less noticeable, and some patients can even be treated with practically invisible braces, called Invisalign.
Torrington Extractions Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth, a safe and routine procedure that is no cause for worry. If extraction is recommended, for a wisdom tooth or any other tooth, Dr. Munroe will explain why this is the best course of action for the health of the tooth and the surrounding area of the mouth.
Torrington TMJ Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - The term TMJ refers to a variety of conditions that affect the TMJ, the hinge that connects the jaw and the muscles one uses to chew. While usually temporary and recurring, these conditions can be painful. Dr. Munroe has treatments available that may help relieve your symptoms.
Root Canal
Torrington Root Canal Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - An abscessed tooth has an infection that can only be removed by extracting the tooth or performing root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is a dental procedure designed to remove infection from the soft center of a tooth and save the rest of the tooth.
Torrington Sealants Dentist Dr. Munroe 860-482-4041 - Sealants protect teeth from tooth decay by adding a protective layer to keep out plaque. Ask Dr. Munroe how this wonderful technology can, quickly and easily, help you and your children fight cavities.



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